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Standard Footfall Survey Database

The PMRS Standard Footfall Survey database is the archive of all our Standard Footfall Reports, for individual town and city centres throughout the United Kingdom, dating back to 1984. Our database is available through a range of subscription options:

Using Microsoft Access platform, our database consists of a set of related tables which, when queried, produce either an overview of the data, or a complete report for the selected town or city of interest.

View and output, pedestrian footfall information - facilitating the interrogation of reports through a range of parameters such as: retail centre, facia name, address and daily or weekly footfall totals.

Search for all Town Centres - allows information for individual or limited groups of town centres to be searched for, viewed, exported or printed.

Town Centre Pick List - a browse and click selection of all town centres in the archive which can be viewed, interrogated and output individually or in groups.

Occupier Site Selection - allows the user to search for specific occupiers and addresses within town centres.

Report Collection - enables the selection of a variety of different report types for single or multiple centres of interest.

Grid referenced data - PMRS data can be supplied fully grid referenced allowing integration into any GIS system.

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