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Standard Footfall Report

Covering over 500 town and cities throughout the UK, PMRS Standard Footfall Reports offer informative, cost effective analysis of pedestrian movement throughout a retail centre.

Our footfall research reports use a consistent “Standard” survey methodology, allowing for direct comparison between individual count points, at both local and national level, making them a great way to evaluate and benchmark retail pitch.

A Standard Footfall Report typically consists of 30 strategically placed count points, chosen to give a broad representation of the contiguous retail area. Count points are selected to cover both primary and secondary pitch areas, including major pedestrian thoroughfares, destination points and transport hubs. See example report

Surveys are conducted on a consecutive Friday and Saturday, using sample counts over a six-hour period, between the hours of 10.00am to 5.00pm, with results extrapolated to provide estimated daily and weekly flow.

At each count point location, all pedestrians passing a retail unit in either direction are enumerated, with the exception of all children under the age of eight and those considered to be economically inactive, such as Police and Traffic Wardens, shop staff and delivery personnel.

In terms of content, each Standard Footfall Report offers:

Our Standard Footfall Reports can be purchased individually as “off the shelf” reports, or in database format with grid references for integration with any Geographical Information System.

For new commissions or updated reports, PMRS subsidise the cost of Standard Footfall Surveys, on the basis that the rights to market the completed reports are retained by PMRS. For a list of town and city centres currently covered, please see our Standard Report Search.

If you are interested in our footfall research services, please call our office or get in touch using our contact form.

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