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30 years and counting

At Pedestrian Market Research Services (PMRS) we are proud of our independence, an independence that for over 30 years has been valued by our diverse range of clients, helping us to build our reputation within the retail property industry, for supplying responsive, accurate footfall data.

We work with a broad customer base, from Local Authorities, retail property agents, small independent start-ups to some of the world’s largest retailers. Being independent, means that we act impartially for both landlord and tenant, with our reports recognised for being objective and definitive in the quantifying of pedestrian movement on the High Street.

The company, originally born out of a research project, conceived by the Russell University Group, was incorporated in the early 1980’s with the aim of producing standardised pedestrian footfall data that allowed for the quantification and direct comparison of retail pitch, across towns and cities, throughout the UK.

Following the necessity to regularly undertake town centre performance monitoring in the early 1990’s, our surveys became an integral part of the ‘Health Check’ process, and are now commissioned by over 100 Local Authorities and Town Centre Managers.

Since then, our footfall reports have gone from strength to strength and offer a unique historical perspective on town centre evolution and behavioural trends in the marketplace. 

Our experienced Project Managers, operating to quality management processes, are on hand to advise and develop appropriate methodology to suit the client brief and objective. Combined with our UK network of trained enumerators, we have the ability to turn projects around quickly, maintaining our reputation, as independent researchers of choice, in the footfall research sector.

We are proud to have our name recognised across the retail sector and to have been supporting the evolution, vitality and sustainability of town and city centres throughout the UK.

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