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Bespoke Footfall Reports

Tailored to suit individual specifications

Sometimes you just need to know more and with Bespoke Footfall Reports, the emphasis is towards assisting the client in wholly understanding their specific target markets.

Bespoke Footfall Surveys, typically focus in detail on a single or small number of survey sample count points, and are conducted during days and hours of the commissioning client’s choice. We pride ourselves on our ability to design a footfall survey methodology to meet a clients brief and to produce reports focussed on that particular objective.

By offering clients the flexibility to choose enumeration hours, sample point locations and days, our Bespoke Footfall Reports can be tailored to suit individual specifications.

In addition to collecting and reporting passing footfall, Bespoke Footfall Surveys typically include hourly analysis by day and week and can also be used to record directional footfall, patronage counts and demographics or categorised studies (such as gender or age ranges), all dependant on the purpose of the project.

With our own national network of dedicated enumerators, who understand the value of the footfall data they collect, we pride ourselves on the speed with which we can turn a project around. 

See an example Bespoke Report of our fictitious “The Town”, (N.B. the data contained within the report is purely representative).



Rent Reviews – by far the largest number of footfall surveys that we conduct, they provide a strong bargaining tool in rental negotiations. Typically a client benchmarks passing flows at their own unit, against those at one or more units in the same town, where existing rents are known. Once the relationship between passing flow and rental levels are ascertained, clients can make a true judgement as to whether the proposed rent offers value for money. 

Patronage Counts – by conducting simultaneous counts of pedestrians passing a retail unit, as well as those entering a retail unit, clients can establish the ‘peel off’ rate i.e the number of expected customers as a percentage of passing flow. These surveys are particularly useful when rolling out new stores.

Evening Economy Surveys - understanding the evening leisure and entertainment market, to help manage the safe transition between day and night-time activities, and identify public transport demand.

Cordon Counts – these surveys are specifically conducted to establish the number of people visiting an area or a venue. As the name suggests, a cordon is placed around the target site by covering all possible entrance points. All pedestrians entering the site at these specific points are enumerated to give the absolute number of visitors.

Change of Use Class – assuming a retailer knows their expected patronage rate, by conducting patronage counts at shops with various use classes in and around their proposed unit, they can make an argument that the use class of their proposed unit will not be detrimental to the immediate retail environment. 

Supplementary Research – we have often supplemented our footfall surveys with additional quantitative research, for example demographic analysis or investigating the primary purpose of visiting an area and mode of transport utilised. 

Car Park Surveys and Vehicle Traffic Counts  – besides counting pedestrians, we also specialise in conducting car park usage surveys, and vehicle traffic counts, increasingly used by Developers, alongside Regeneration and Local Authority departments as part of town planning.

Observational Studies - previous studies include covert surveys of anti-social behaviour, drug dealing, street drinking and licensing compliance.

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