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Footfall Services Introduction

PMRS Ltd is an established independent footfall company, specialising in the collection and supply of pedestrian footfall information, to the retail and allied commercial property markets.

Since 1984, our footfall data has been a key component of site research and selection, property evaluation and rent review, town centre health and vitality audits, benchmarking and trend analysis, helping position PMRS as a significant contributor within the retail information market.

We conduct Standard and Bespoke footfall surveys, the former undertaken using a consistent survey methodology, and the latter specifically tailored to meet the commissioning client’s individual requirements.

Our Standard reports covering over 500 town and city centres throughout the UK, can be purchased either individually or through subscription to our database of historic reports, providing valuable footfall insight over the last 30 years.

PMRS reports are a key component to:

National network of human enumerators

Using our own national network of human enumerators, who understand the purpose and value of the footfall data they collect, we ensure fast and accurate, report delivery.

30 years serving a broad range of clients

We work with Local Authorities, BID companies, and some of the world’s largest retailers, as well as a wide range of retail property agents, small independent start-ups, research consultants and Town Planners, seeking to measure and make informed decisions regarding footfall activity on our high streets.

Our Services

A Small Selection of Our Clients

Alongside numerous Local Authorities, BID and Town Centre Managers, our clients include:

All About London
Pegasus Group
Planning Potential
William Hill Group